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ConVocation Program Book Advertising

Would you like to reach an audience of over 900 people who share a common interest with a targeted message? ConVocation is one of the largest indoor gatherings of its kind in North America, gathering people from throughout the Midwest to share, learn, teach, shop and network. If your business has something to offer them, be it books, tools, or just a good delivered meal, then advertising in our program book may be for you. Ads appear in single color 300+ DPI laser printing throughout our program guide.


Sizes and Rates

Size                  Measurements             Pixels             Price

Bus. Card         2.5”H x 3.5”W             750x1050        $20

Banner             2.5”H x 7.0”W             750x2100        $30

¼ Page             5.0”H x 3.5”W             1500x1050      $40

½ Page             5.0”H x 7.0”W             500x2100        $65

 Full page          10” H x 7.0”W             3000x2100       $100

(back cover – Full page $125)


Ads of ½ page or more will receive a link to their site from the website as sponsors of our event and programming book. Advertisements submitted should be in black and white (greyscale). We can scan business cards for placement, but will not retouch or re-size submissions as this leads to a degrading of the image.


Deadlines for Submissions

Commitment to place an advertisement:                  9/30/2013

Payment Deadline:                                                 10/15/2013

Art Deadline:                                                         10/30/2013

Publication Closed to changes:                                12/01/2013


Contact/Payment Information

Make any inquiries to

Payments can be made to: MEC

215 W Troy Ste. 1013 Ferndale, MI 48220 / or -